Deciding for DomainName.... .bio .life .biz .guru .baby


Hoied mitenand,

we have to register a domain soon. so let’s have a final discussion on the domain name and ending.

check here to get inspired.

.ch is definately the easiest. but somehow swi already says swiss…
swilabs… should we even stick to it?
we can search here: !!! looks more beautiful… but expensive.


#2 sounds right to me.

After all, we are swiss, not international.

unless someone wants :




For me too is fine. It sounds like you don’t like it @marc, can you tell us why ? is indeed a great initiative, maybe we can also think about ? .ch indicates switzerland, could be ok.
faith we need indeed to built all of this, but let’s maybe keep it away of our official communication… :laughing:


It’s ok. i just thought let’s think a bit more, just in case we might find something super duper.
and swilabs… maybe looks too much like swinelabs?

but i am also completely ok with it.



Swilabs is a sure value, .bio or .org are neat // Some other ideas --> /.org // /.org // // /.org // /.org // /.org



#6 is fine with me too. It’s simple, to the point…


I also vote for, sounds great !


gud gud.
seems we made some kinda descision.

so @bstrasse, can you order it? here

we now need to hurry up a bit. it’s easy to move it to the new .url. something with CNAME, i can ask a friend to give us advise. took a few minutes only last time.