Learning from other associations


The best resource for associations in Switzerland:

I personally have been involved in many small “Vereins”, for just renting a studio, organizing a festival or anything we always make new associations, and then sometimes just disband them after the project.

In other cases we aim at a longer term member-based association and here are some examples:

International Hackteria Society
Foundation meeting notes:

And the constantly updated Constitution, edited on the wiki directly and as .pdf to deposit.
Hackteria’s Constitution, bi-lingual, simple


And what i used till now to work on the status : https://www.benevolat-vaud.ch/associations/creer-une-association-


ASSOC_Biolabs_Network.pdf (62.9 KB)

The status, based on what Bruno sent previously.


of course the real cool geeks put it on github.

already forked once!