Notes of Earlier Meetings


We have used this online notepad to document and share notes from earlier meetings.
I started adding new notes and thoughts into it, before installing this forum.

please use this forum for future notes.

where was the notes from the 1st meeting?
@severine.trouilloud? THX!

1st Meeting:

2nd Meeting


Hi Marc,

Here they are !
Thanks for your notes. I am currently doing the same job, I will complete yours later to send it to the people who were not there.
Till later !



also found the .pdf in old emails.
doc_first_meeting_swiss_public_biolabs_network.pdf (150.0 KB)

and your research on labs.
Network_14_12_17.pdf (44.1 KB)


I still like our discussion from the 2nd meeting about "Développer des collaborations avec d’autres acteur pour enricher nos practiques (artistes, etc.)